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8 New Travel Trends To Look Out For In 2022

Written by Manavi Sarang

Would you rather give up on travelling or adapt to new travel trends that fit into the post-covid world? I’m sure your answer is the latter.

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have substantially changed the course of the tourism and hospitality industry. This course includes some striking changes that have given birth to interesting new travel trends.

Having experienced drastic changes this year, the travel and tourism world will keep coming up with new trends and eventually give rise to the new future of tourism. 

Below are the upcoming travel trends you need to set your eyes on and plan out your trips in 2022!

1. Slow Travel

Slow Travel is one of the forgotten travel trends that is making a comeback due to the pandemic. This trend takes us to the roots of why we actually travel in the first place.

Slow Travel is an approach that focuses on creating deep connections during your travel and have a completely immersive experience. Be it the local people, culture, cuisine or the music, you dive into it.

The basic purpose of this type of travel is to learn more and induce an emotional impact on the travellers. This travel includes choosing the long journey until you reach the destination. 

Slow travel by boat or trains will continue to rise this year as flight shame increases due to the pandemic. But, it continues to give as it prevents tourist burnouts, saves money and gets you out of your comfort zone.

2. Offbeat Stays

It’s time for you to set your eyes on offbeat stays this year. As the pandemic has created a time where you would avoid going to crowded and popular places, offbeat stays are here to the rescue!

An offbeat stay is living at an unconventional destination where you can connect with yourself and nature too. If you’re feeling down, it is the perfect travel choice to boost your mood and a change of scenario. 

Being cooped up at home with nothing to discover has been frustrating. That is exactly why an offbeat stay would be a good choice to refresh your mind and soul.

Not only that, but you get to enjoy your time away from home without being worried about getting in contact with a lot of people. As compared to popular destinations, you will be much safer at an offbeat stay.

3. Workaction

There is a majority of people who have been working at home even during the pandemic with their laptops on 24/7 and phones pinging with an endless amount of emails.

The work pressure during these times can cause a lot of harm to your mental health and leave you stressed. Not to mention how the pandemic has rubbed off the precious line between work and vacation.

Out of all the travel trends, you should consider going on a workaction for a change of scene. Not only is going to boost your mood but also increase your productivity to a much higher level.

Besides, people do juggle work and leisure many times and some even prefer it that way. Clearly, we are facing downsides because of the pandemic but a Workaction is an absolute benefit!

4. Virtual Travel

Travelling in the traditional sense is definitely out of the picture for the time being but Virtual Travel is the new thing! It is the safest bet for a travelling experience and also quite meaningful.

Virtual travel is a trend that offers a simulation of an existing place through a sequence of photos and videos. It can be done solo as you can navigate your way through the location as well.

No doubt that it isn’t the same as the real experience but it is something that fits right into the situation. It does sound quite futuristic and there’s always more to travel than just seeing places.

Virtual Travel is becoming easily accessible as major museums, galleries, and tourist attractions move their collections and experiences online. You can support the ones who work hard to provide this experience. 

5. Staycation

As long-distance journeys take a backseat in 2022, staycations are becoming popular by the second. A conducted survey has shown that people have been taking smaller journeys more.

With plenty of travel restrictions, not being able to travel farther away from home has been a bummer. But our short-haul favourites have become our go-to destinations.

Short and relaxed vacations at a familiar place is a good idea to rejuvenate yourself from the daily stress pouring in. Not only does it cut costs but also the number of people to just being family and friends.

Many hotels and vacation homes have decided to take advantage of this trend by offering affordable short-trip packages that give you a good experience. 

6. Sustainable Hotels

The positive aspect of this pandemic has been that nature has achieved the opportunity to shine and blossom. The value of sustainable travel and eco-friendly practices is very high in today’s world.

Sustainable hotels are designed for respecting the environment and the area where they are located. They implement efficient lighting systems, low-pressure water installations in their facilities. 

They also avoid using the already available options and try to produce their own energy. Not only that but eco-friendly hotels also try to help the community by consuming local products and services.

Interestingly, plastic straws, cutlery, water bottles, toiletry bottles etc. have been replaced with compostable or reusable alternatives. If you are a nature lover, you are going to enjoy staying at a sustainable hotel!

7. Rural Tourism

Since it has become a priority to avoid large crowds and ensure safety first, rural tourism is one of the travel trends that has kicked up a notch and finally earned a place in the spotlight. 

Many travellers have decided to get back to the basics. Instead of highly conventional and populated places, travellers now want to connect to the destination and get the cultural experience.

There’s something magical about our quiet and picturesque rural towns that make us want to visit at least once. This is the perfect time to take up a rural trip.

Rural tourism can also be a variant of ecotourism. Along with giving back to nature, you will also be giving back to the local people by travelling to the destination. 

8. Budget Travel

The pandemic has caused a lot of job losses and freezing of hiring which has definitely put a stop to our bucket list travel plans. But there are destinations that are actually good for your pocket.

Less money doesn’t necessarily mean less fun! There are various options that give you an enthralling experience with affordable accommodations and delicious meals.

Camping is one type that is pocket-friendly and extremely exciting at the same time. For the more adventurous ones, remote or wild camping is your best bet.

Road trips are the best way to save money and have the best time of your life with your friends or just you. The laid-back nature of this trend is very attractive. You get to decide your own pace and explore the open road.

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