4 completely uncommon places to explore in Udaipur

City Palace and royal ghats
Written by Shatadal Gia Sen

Udaipur has been extremely famous among Indian tourists as well as foreign visitors alike. Besides the enthralling palaces and a glimpse of what remains of our rich heritage, the City of Lakes abounds in absolutely pristine scenic-beauty that not just soothes your eyes but rejuvenates your soul. There are many uncommon places that you can explore in Udaipur.

As a top tourist destination, Udaipur abounds in innumerable options for exquisite food and luxurious lodging; naturally, at every nook and corner, you’ll find someone to take you to the usual sight-seeing.

4 completely uncommon places to explore in Udaipur

The view of lakes from any of the numerous palaces in Udaipur reflects the calmly-glassy beauty of natural waters

However, beyond the royal stature of the City Palace or 300-years-old architecture of Jagdish-Mandir, this tourist hot-spot has places that are extraordinarily-appealing, the likes of which you should never miss out.

Ubeswarji Waterfall-Temple

Around 18 km off the main city of Udaipur, this place is named after the Lord Shiva temple situated there. However, the actual attraction of this place is the natural waterfall; the cool gushing water against the grey rocks and the green abode is an enchanting view to behold.

Moreover, you can climb down through the rocks to where it stagnates into a little natural pool and take a dip in the cool water or choose to bathe under the toppling-down streams.

4 completely uncommon places to explore in Udaipur

The down-hill pool guarded by the rocks

Lake Bari

While you’ll only get to hear about lake Pichola – the most famous of all. Bari is the most incomparable of them all, especially if you’re a loner and enjoy the silence. Away from the bustling city-crowd and their incessant cacophony, Lake-Bari is an escape to the serenity.

The nearby wilderness on the other side of this enormous lake adds to the soothing sound effects of chirruping birds; experience the sunset here, you’ll be glad to live to this day.

4 completely uncommon places to explore in Udaipur

Sajjangarh Fort & Wildlife Sanctuary

You’ll definitely hear about this from the locals, but they won’t tell you that it’s not really the fortress that worth the trip. The steep ride up-hill through the wildlife sanctuary and the aerial view of the lake city from Sajjangarh is the actual catch.

On a cloudy day, the entire road stays covered with mist; the cool gushing wind and light drizzle, if any, will only add to the charisma. Though it’s not guaranteed, you might get to spot galloping antelope in the enigma of the fading sunlight on the way.

4 completely uncommon places to explore in Udaipur

Miniscule Udaipur: as it appears from the high sunset-point at Sajjangarh Fort

Nehru Park and Solar Observatory

Located in the middle of lake Fateh Sagar – it’s assessable by only a boat. The ride is certainly enticing. Nothing extraordinary about the park or the observatory though, except the feel of floating on an island.

The hills around, engaged in a hide-n-seek with the sun, while the reflection of flirting lights of the setting sun adds a silver shimmer on the water-surface: it’s truly mesmerizing!

Most importantly it’s economical too, compared to a visit to Jag-Mandir or the Lake Palace which offers the same experience.

4 completely uncommon places to explore in Udaipur

The view beyond the lake at sunset

Udaipur is accessible by both train and flight yet I’ll suggest you take a road trip from Ahmadabad; hire a cab to ride over 250 km through the old fold Aravalli range; the exquisite experience will only flare up your zeal of traveling.

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