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10 Things to do in Vietnam

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A plethora of staggering natural beauty with mesmerizing cultural intricacies and hill tribe villages and dynamic megacities is what makes this Asian country quite energetic, scenic and vibrant from every angle of an explorer’s eye as well as a relaxers perspective! Encompassing a stunning array of cities, beaches, mountains, river bays, beaches and so much of greenery that offers the romantic couple a heavenly experience of starting their travel of love, Vietnam makes a perfect honeymoon destination too along with being adventurous and exploring. Here are 10 things to do in this humble yet panoramic abode Vietnam-

1. Spread some light

On the bright occasion of Tet (Vietnamese New Year), the city of Hoi An transubstantiates into a Kaleidoscope of emblazoning colour and an array of lights marking the festival of Lanterns. The grand celebration lasts for a week with the path from Hoi An Bridge to the Hoai River Square studded with numerous colourful lanterns.

The most breath-taking sight is the sight of a thousand lanterns floating with glimmering shiny light along the calm waters of the river! It’s an ample spot for photography as well as scattering light with your own hands too.

2. Hike all the way

With spectacular views, hike up the evergreen, pristine and fresh rainforest at Cat Ba island that makes up the vast national park. The Lookout Tower Trail is a popular and a “reasonably easy” hike. A few more steps striking up take you to the daunting peak of the Ngu Lam!

The view on the top is definitely a small price to pay for such a stunning panoramic blissful feast to the naked eye peering into the green mountains blurring at a distance that is a mesmerizing for sunrise as well as a sunset.

3. A luxurious cruise sail on water

Slithering through all its way for about 4000km from the Tibetan Himalaya, the Mekong makes way to vibrant Vietnam and reduces its pace to a more languid one. Embraced with islands, rice paddies, stilted villages and a livelihood that has been on these beautiful waters is a beautiful implication of nature and man’s way of sustaining together.

Take one of the cruises that ply parts of the beautiful river and peer into the riverbank’s rocky stilted houses. Spending the night on the water means you’ll get to witness both sunrise and sunset over the karst caves and limestone islands without having to rise at an inconvenient time.

Plus, you’ll take part in a cooking class, sea kayaking, and caving, and feast on Vietnamese dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during this stress-free and seamless experience.

4. Go Caving

Proudly donning the tag of the world’s largest cave – The Hang Son Doong Cave in Phong Nha National Park is a humble yet impenetrable jungle in Vietnam’s hairline border with Laos. Stretching more than five kilometers (three miles) long and reaching heights of 200 meters (650 feet), the main cavern of Hang Son Doong is large enough to house an entire New York City block.

The area is mapped with hundreds of deep caves along with the largest one making it so deep that a skyscraper could be one of those that could fill the heights!

Caving inside the dark yet nature blessed and UNESCO listed wonder is worth exploring and for those who are afraid of underground adventures, trekking and waterfalls are a must go to.

5. Feast your taste buds

The Pho- A Vietnamese staple that combines boiled beef rice noodles and herbs and green onions served in the colourful streets and upscale eat-outs and also homes of Hanoi! This dish is one for the tasting explorers who set out to capture the taste of Vietnam along with its visuals.

Do head on to the Lo Duc in the French Quarter for this secret yet tasty recipe.

6. Dinner along the waves

What is better than the smooth white sandy beaches along the glistening waves that hit the shore in the vibe of calm eternal peace? A dinner alongside completes the picture.

Raise a toast with your loved one alongside a beach in Hoi An with the tasty Vietnamese cuisine of salads and rice paper rolls by taking a seat in a candlelit table in the sand that is surrounded by tiki torches and linger later over the luscious fruits. 

7. Nightlife in the City

 Apart from the daylight wonders, Ho Chi Minh City has an integral space of enjoyment that lies in the pitch of its night! The nightlife is pretty incredible-Whether you choose to dance away your night in the melancholy of music and DJs in the pubs and bars or gulping down unlimited beer, this is the city to be in on a night!

Places like the Chill Skybar and Skyloft By Glow are sure to light up your night.

8. Animal spotting

The eye of a wildlife lover is the perfect aspiration and can be fulfilled in the Cat Tien National park in Southern Vietnam. With a 720km vast biosphere reserve comprising lush green botanical gardens and lowland forest offering an exuberant display of fauna and birdlife all sheltered to safety under numerous sanctuaries.

Golden-cheeked gibbons, silvered langurs, and native pygmy lorises are the notable primates to be viewed in Dao Tien Endangered Primate Species Centre. 

Asian elephants and clouded leopards are also among the rare sightings. Birders will have their hands full, too, with Asian barred owlet, blue-rumped and bar-bellied pittas, and orange-necked partridge sightings.

9. The beauty of waters

The beauty of lush greenery combined with dafty water flowing aimlessly along the steeps is a sight to behold. And as they say, two is always better than one, Ban Gioc waterfall is the name of not one but a natural fusion of two majestic waterfalls overlooking the Quay Son River that marks the Vietnam China border!

Its hefty elevation of 70m tall and 208m wide waters is a marvel in itself and as the falls mesmerizingly descend along the slopes of the rocky limestone stutteringly, it is a sure eye-catchy expedition. 

10. The hands of god

The hands that hold a pathway to heaven probably look like this. The 150m pathway atop the lush greenery often vibes of god holding together people to give them a beautiful experience of bringing man and nature to show what it means to be with nature.

It is not god certainly but is a sturdy steel frame and fiberglass. The staggering and unreal structure is something serene and peaceful and a definite go-to!

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